Creating Without Fear

Does the concept of Creative Bliss make you want to dance and sing at the top of your lungs? If so, you may be a perfect candidate for Creativity Coaching!

‘Creating Without Fear’  invites both Artists and Non Artists, to learn powerful tools to ignite, revitalize and renew their commitment to their creative lifestyle. With skilled guidance and support from your creativity coach, you will learn how to overcome the inner and outer obstacles that stand in the way of accomplishing your creative goals.  Steevie is both a Certified Creativity Coach and a Licensed Psychologist as well as an accomplished Visual Artist.  She will help you to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm so that you can manifest your true creative potential!

Recent Testimonials:

‘Steevie brings her expertise in Psychology and her gifts as an Artist together to help budding Artists to stay focused and to meet their goals. Her own journey as an Artist brings an awareness of the unique frustrations and joys of creativity, as well as a sensitivity that is validating to Artists who are attempting to be successful at their craft.’

‘So glad Dr. Steevijane is my Creativity Coach! She has given me great insights as to how and why I actually ‘tick’ the way I do. It has been very rewarding and I look forward to every session. She is very easy to talk to because she is also a GREAT person! Not always easy to find a great coach or Dr. and a great person, all in one great package!’

‘This is so cool, and you are so gifted as a Creativity Coach. I can attest to that. You have been such a wise and helpful support to me for the past several months. Anyone who works with you is very lucky’.

with Dr. Steevie Jane Parks