Saturday October 11, 2014

This will be my fourth attempt to write my first blog on my new Creativity Coaching website. The first two were lost in cyberspace because I am getting to know the publishing software, and apparently there is a ‘learning curve’.

My first attempt occurred on September 25th, the next on October 7th, and the third about ten minutes ago earlier on October 11th. My second attempt was my favorite. It was memorable because I was in a really relaxed and happy mood, and I was sitting outside on a beautiful warm but breezy day. I was sitting on a bench, in a public rose garden, surrounded by beautiful smells and sights, listening to the breeze and the muted sounds of children at play.

Do your physical surroundings influence your creative work?

For many artists that I’ve spoken to and worked with, the layout of their studio, as well whether or not they listen to music and what type they listen to, is an important part of their ‘getting in the mood’ to paint. Getting ‘primed’ to allow your creative energy to flow, can be an important part of the creative process. Learning what kind of atmosphere helps you to let go of your worldly cares, and to be attuned to your mind and heart can go a long way to helping you to stay on track and get things done vs. become anxious and paralyzed that ‘ things are just not happening’.

I understand that an Artist can not always have the perfect environment in which to work due to constraints caused by limited time and money. This is a real problem, but it can be transcended with a little bit of creative problem solving. If you have these kinds of constraints, ask yourself ‘ Is there anything I can do given my situation that might help me to relax and focus just a little bit better?

Some ideas for those who don’t have perfect workplaces are; To do a bit of Yoga or relaxation exercises before settling down to work, To take a walk and focus on your breathing or the physical surroundings to renew your sense of calm, To drink some tea or coffee or any beverage that either relaxes or energizes your mind, To make a list of things that you will do later so that you don’t have to think of them when you’re trying to work, and to just sit quietly with your eyes closed focusing on your breathing and maybe then start thinking about what colors you might want to work with or what subject matter you want to paint.

I hope that some of these simple tips will help you to remember that there are always things that you can do to encourage and nurture your own creativity. If you are an artist this is not only helpful but down right essential!

Best wishes, Steevie

Notes from Your Coach

with Dr. Steevie Jane Parks