Beginner’s Mind

How do you feel about trying something new?

Does it excite you?

Terrify you?

Sharpen your attention?

Make you want to run and hide?

Most people experience some anxiety when they do something for the first time. Especially, if it is creative in nature or untested.

Think about something that you would like to try doing that you have never done before.   Write  down some of your positive expectations in short easy to read sentences. Then write down some of your negative expectations. Keep reframing your negative expectations, into positive ones, until you start to feel more and more optimistic. For example, if I expected to do a poor job, I could write, ‘whatever happens, I will learn something from each mistake’.

Once you have discovered more positive expectations than negative ones, you are ready to plan your big adventure.  Make sure that you have the necessary equipment before you begin, as well as the time and presence of mind to fully enjoy a dive into unknown territory.  If you need moral support, find a friend that would like to try the same activity and do it together. Or tell your friends about what you will be doing and enjoy their encouraging remarks.  Positive responses from friends and family will empower you to take risks.

Life would be very dull indeed, if we did not have the courage to do something different from time to time. Those who try new things, gain new skills and develop the confidence one needs to be successful.

Now you are ready to ‘Jump right in’! Bon Voyage Mes Amis!

with Dr. Steevie Jane Parks